2015 Brooklyn Short Film Festival

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4 Dates Through Jun 19, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Brooklyn Short Film Festival
June 17, 18 & 19th

Complete film program info is included below: 


dir. Viraj Nayar- 17 mins, USA
Jamill is a street smart youth from North Philadelphia. He lives day to day with the mounting feeling that the odds are stacked against him. 

dir. Mike Grier- 27 mins, USA
In a harsh and unpredictable natural environment where people have isolated them selves behind massive walled cities, a socially marginalized Tracker teams up with a black-market merchant to save the industrial society that has rejected his way of life.

For Francis
dir. Angelique Letizia- 15mins, USA
Francis is a seven year old boy who loves dresses. When his teacher makes Francis a dress, his father Matt becomes enraged. Fearing the worst, Matt is forced to face his own fears and to choose between protecting his son from an intolerant world, or allowing the boy to live truthfully.

Grandpa's Debtor
dir. Beka Sikharulidze- 17 mins, Georgia
A family of swindlers search for the funeral services of rich people noted in the newspapers. Afterwards, a visit to these families with news that the deceased person owed money ensues.

Just the Muscle
dir. Rebecca Stern- 6mins, USA
A glimpse into the life of a Brooklyn bouncer. 

dir. Kate Cortesi- 17mins, USA
A visit to an underground record store in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn teaches a teenage kid about his neighborhood, music, and how to be a man.

dir. Leo Claussen- 15mins, USA
Lethe: In Greek Mythology, a river in Hades, the water of which produced, in those who drank it, forgetfulness of the past. Lethe is a film about memory, identity, a drug that has the power to erase the past, and a young woman who undergoes this endeavour.

Unfeathered Friends
dir. Blaine Martin- 10mins, USA
Unfeathered Friends explores the rich subculture of pigeon aficionados.

dir. Daniel Fetherston- 10mins, USA
Brooklyn, New York, 350 years ago. An old Dutch farmer kills a Canarsee Indian boy who has invaded his home. While filling out the necessary paperwork with a representative from the Magistrate's office, he remembers his daughter who died years before.


dir. Joe Quartararo- 18mins, USA
A sensitive look at a young woman's odd behavior after the breakup of her relationship with a married man.

dir. Charles Joslain- 19mins, United Kingdom
A short eco-thriller about the impact of oil pollution on four peoples' lives:An oil boss and a journalist are held hostage, with bombs set for mass destruction unless they agree to reparations via a critical phone call.

Kara Walker "A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby"
dir. Ian Forster- 10mins, USA
This film charts the creation of internationally renowned artist Kara Walker's monumental sculptural project at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, New York. 

Lightning in the Hand
dir. Joey Grossfield- 15mins, USA
A western. The Apache say it is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.

dir. Branden Boudreaux- 11mins, USA
Hidden within the closed doors of a normal apartment building is a horrific secret.

The White Room
dir. Mat Mullen- 13min, USA
A man about to take his own life when he is transported to the White Room, a place where he relives his memories of his love in order to find a reason to keep on living.

dir. Richard Card- 12mins, Kenya 
In the Kenyan slums of Kibera, a ten-year-old boy hustles to provide for his family, taking him away from his crush on her birthday.


Across the Bridge
dir. Matvey Fiks- 10min, USA
A series of four vignettes in which four people have monologue through phone calls.

Cry Baby Cry
dir. Leslie Shearing- 10min, USA
An intimate look at the emotional losses entailed in new parenthood.

dir. Madeleine Pryor- 30min, USA
Sebastiano's passion is documenting war. His photographs from Syria and Afghanistan were widely published. His longtime girlfriend struggles to understand his drive to work in war-torn places. Embedded documents a relationship burdened by the realities of war in the modern world.

Hollow Victory
dir. Peter Haig- 5min, USA
A young man's struggle to reconcile his past with his future.

Overheard Under Foot
dir. Tim Bartlett- 7min, USA
An impressionistic telling of the life of the Kentile Floors sign above the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY.

P.S. 432
dir. Elizabeth Nichols- 9min, USA
A NYC public school teacher who must decide whether or not to cheat on behalf of his students on a high-stakes standardized test.

Space Leak
dir. Kenneth Bordes-Hollon- 16min, USA
What would you do if Outer Space was leaking at the back of your house? This is a story about a man who has to make a choice, that no one should ever have to make, under circumstances he never imagined.

dir. Francesca Consarino- 3mins, USA
How long does it take for a treasured item to become trash?


Chapter 7
dir. Jon Read- 10min, USA
A young man struggles to leave the comforts and conflict of his past for life beyond his city.

Dark Room
dir. Mike Quill- 20min, USA
A struggling NYC photographer takes a lucrative but dangerous job photographing a wealthy couple inside their remote mansion.

Dino Blow
dir. Michael J. Ruiz-Unger- 10min. USA
A shy paleontology student, is invited to join an elite club of dinosaur lovers, but first he has to prove his commitment.

Into the Dark
dir. Lukas Hassel- 14min. USA
Sometime in the future. Two men, strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth.Just Reality. Real Justice.

Lovelorn Siluriform
dir. Anthony Clune- 2min. USA
An anthropomorphic catfish looks for love in all the wrong places.

dir. Rebecca Gleason- 20min. USA
When their best friend dies, three girls decide to do 'molly' - the drug more commonly known as ecstasy, at the funeral. The drug affects each girl differently, amplifying how they mourn their friend's death.

dir. Nadia Bedzhanova- 8min. Russia
Alice steps out of her comfort zone to share a spontaneous moment with her teammate.

dir. Tae Jung Choi- 15min. USA
A forgotten boy, a working escort, and a senator's daughter. Three characters- one same desire- real human connection.

The Bear Suit
dir. Adam Donnelly- 9min. South Africa
A young, naive driver picks up a stranded, bear suit wearing hitchhiker and gets more than he bargained for.

Tiny Things
dir. Laura Savia- 13min. USA
A woman unravels at her sister's baby shower, bringing the festivities to a screeching halt.

Winter's Hold
dir. Ian Voglesong- 9min. USA
A young farmer in self imposed isolation must come to grips with a personal tragedy or be consumed by it.

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